A Universalist Music
a Shared Emotion...

Here there are some friends links. . ..

Many thanks to LUCA FERRO (researcher in the TIMA laboratory of Grenoble) which provided me invaluable tutoriels of site creation. , 

Thanks also to MARC RECORD musician of talent and also informatics programmer who initiated me well to the Java language 

Go throw an eye on FREDERIC GARNERO site, who in addition to being a close friend, is a super sound engineer.  

Of course, when you will be rich like us jazz musicians you will need HERVE FORESTIERto help you to count your money! 

Thank you also toMARYSE GATTEGNO which corrected a spelling mistake on my first site and which moreover plays the double bass marvelously.

Visit the site of OLIVIER BOUTRY, who just like me even developed himself his site

You can go also to DARIO FERRO site (father of Luca)who is one of the best person I ever meet. 

Other friendly links will arrive soon .........