When I proposed to all these artists the composition of this formation,
they have all answered and subscribed with much enthusiasm, to the project of which I revealed the intentions summarily to them.
I believe that what characterizes all the musicians of this Septet,
is above all, the joy of meeting to ourselves, to exchange artistic ideas .
The richness of this orchestra lies in the fact that our differences enrich us and allow us to be happy together.
I wished through this Septet make a friends meeting , a meeting of true artistic personalities for true moments of emotions.

On drums JOSE RUGGERI, , musician multi facets, since he is as well drummer as composer and arranger.
He wrote all orchestra arrangements in addition to some compositions like Bossa Del Rio ouTanguita (album L'Hymne à L'amour), and many else...
On the Double bass SERGE FERRERO,fantastic musician on whom the orchestra is held. With Jose, they are the pulse of the orchestra, and develops an extraordinary groove.
On Piano GUY COLOMAR, eclectic musician, he passes throught all the musics style with much of talent, he is the smile of this superb rhythmic.
On Baritone SaxophoneCHRISTIAN BONICHI,what a talent! This extraordinary musician is a specialist ofthe clarinet and all the Saxophones.
Which personality, which pleasure to listen to him and then especially which humour.
On Tenor Saxophone,OLIVIER BOUTRY, what a pleasure! This musician plays with much implication, much of ardour, the true happiness.
On Tenor Saxophone,GUY LOPEZ,extraordinary musician who through these melodies gives us many emotions.
On Alto Saxophone,GERARD RAMOS,Man and Artist of emotions. The music is a true vector of emotions.

It would be a challenge to in a few words summarize the personality of each one of these musicians, so much is large their experiment. But all have a career and an exceptional course,
they all played with the largest musicians of the world of the jazz, variety etc….